Thoughts Like Rockets, Sleepwar and UNTIL THE SUN

Thoughts Like Rockets
Indie Alternative Rock, Pop

Thoughts Like Rockets is edgy, bold and eclectic. Formed in 2013 and influenced by Jimmy Eat World, Muse, Yellowcard, Metallica, Van Halen and Foo Fighters, Thoughts Like Rockets produces fresh music and delivers exhilarating shows.

Indie Alternative Rock, Pop

Hailing from Phoenix, Sleepwar pushes Indie rock to the next level by combining new wave and synth-pop influence with meaningful lyrics that speak to the shared struggles of modern life. Utilizing lush synthesizer soundscapes, the five-piece rock outfit produces a sound that is both familiar yet unique. Get ready to rave about Sleepwar!

Indie Alternative Rock, Pop

UNTIL THE SUN is a bluesy, alternative rock band based in Phoenix with a growing following across the Valley. Drawing influences from Pink Floyd, Beth Hart, Led Zeppelin and Black Keys, the five-piece group has created a musical powerhouse to enthuse all audiences.

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